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Dan's Puzzling Hobby

Dan has been a member of SOCRC for around 15 years and has picked up a very interesting hobby in the last 3 years. Dan has completed over 31 very challenging picture puzzles mainly specific to the Route 66 Themes, and Hot Rod Memorabilia.

Dan takes about 30 to 40 hours to complete each puzzle, although some complex colors take more time and effort. In order to organize and complete his puzzles most efficiently, Dan separates similar colors in stackable trays, as shown in his pictures of his worktable. The end result is the wonderful pictures hanging all around. Dan has given away and put up at club raffle's many of the picture puzzles he has created.

As observed in his pictures, Dan also has a very detailed collection of collectable model cars and a workstation to work on and repair these unique models. Also check out Dan's detailed displays of all these models. TOO COOL!!!!!!!